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Case Studies

Shopify Plus Case Study: SugarlashPro

We helped SugarlashPRO implement new designs on their existing Shopify Plus Store.

SugarlashPRO's team reached out to us to implement the complete redesign of every page on their website.

Shopify Plus Case Study: Onia

We helped Onia implement multiple functionalities and custom designs on their Shopify Plus Store.

Onia reached out to us to implement custom designs & functionalities on homepage, collections pages and product pages in order to maintain their branding, design and provide a great browsing experience to their customers.

Custom Mega Menu that displays logos and links in columns for MVP Sports

We helped MVP Sports with creating a custom mega menu to display 36 collection links and their logos under each menu item.

MVP Sports reached out to us to create a custom mega menu in order to help them display collection links along with the logos assigned to those collections.

Using Shopify's inbuilt login function to gate Wholesale Shopify store, minimum order value and accepting other currencies

We helped Designed in Colour Wholesale store implement multiple functionalities on their Shopify store.

Designed in Colour reached out to us to create a login gate for their customers using inbuilt Shopify login function without using an app, implement minimum order value and add the ability to accept multiple currencies on their wholesale Shopify store. The login function was made robust by allowing only the approved customer accounts to view the wholesale store, not anyone who creates a customer account.

Making Upsells, Recurring purchases work together, removing cart page and tracking data

We helped Au Bon Broth with tweaking their Shopify store to improve conversions.

Au bon broth reached out to us with a complex job of making recurring orders (through Recharge app) work together with Zipify Upsell while removing the cart page in the process and also record conversions data on Facebook and Google Analytics.