Shopify Plus: Rachel Parcell (Custom Collection + Product Page)

You're getting tons of visitors on your online store and you feel that everything on your site looks amazing.  

Yet, the sales are just not where you want them to be. Most business owners, at one time or another, felt exactly the same.

Is there a way to improve your sales by redesigning your Shopify store?

I often get asked this question from my clients’ and I always say the same thing.

It depends. 

This is not a Yes or No answer.

It depends on what your goal is with the redesign.

Are you wanting to provide an exceptional customer experience on your website which will eventually lead to more sales? Or are you wanting to utilize the new Shopify updates to make sure your online store operations are more efficient, which will also lead to more sales?

A simple way to know this is by looking at your conversion rate.

Sagar, what’s a conversion rate? 

It’s the percentage of visitors that placed an order on your online store, out of the total number of visitors.

Simple formula is your online store conversion rate = [converted visitors / all visitors] * 100

If you are getting your target audience to come on your website, browse and buy and your conversion rate is less than 1%, then most likely you need a redesign.

There could be speed issues, design or functionality issues or optimization issues that people may be experiencing that’s hurting your conversion rate.

For Rachel Parcell, the redesign meant:

  1. Faster site speed
  2. Layout and color scheme that was reflective of the brand
  3. New and updated theme utilizing the latest Shopify updates and functionality

Here are some of the designs:

1.) Custom Collection Page

1.) Custom Product Page