Shopify Plus: WeWoreWhat (Creating loyalty club similar to Patreon)

For influencers, patreon is a great way to start earning money from their fans.

But with that, you lose 8% or 12% of your income.

(That’s not too bad for the tools they provide and especially when you are starting out)

What if you already have a lot of fans willing to pay directly? 

Wouldn’t you want to SAVE that money?

And post exclusive content on your blog and be in total control of your dedicated fans on your Shopify store?

If the answer is Yes, then this is easy.


A little back story first. 

My client, WeWoreWhat reached out to me and asked “Sagar, we are looking for alternatives to move away from Patreon and bring our club loyalty program within our own site. Where users can purchase our monthly subscription, and we can share exclusive content, give early access to collection drops etc.”

I immediately got into action and started researching on the best way to implement this on Shopify.

Once I gained some clarity on what’s possible and what’s not, here’s what we decided to do for subscribers and non-subscribers.


  1. Access to exclusive merch
  2. Access to exclusive content (blog posts and video posts) announcing new collection drops.
  3. Option to pay monthly or yearly
  4. Free gift for yearly subscription

Non Subscribers

  1. Landing page that describes the loyalty program, benefits and button to signup
  2. Signup page to create an account on the website
  3. Membership page to choose monthly or yearly subscription

Once they knew what was possible, they created the mockups for these pages and sent them to me to implement them.

After 4 weeks of implementing this functionality, testing and tweaking, the benefits were clear.

  1. Hundreds of subscribers moved from Patreon to their Shopify subscription
  2. Seamless one stop shopping experience
  3. Data in one place to make better decisions

And how did the onboarding process look?

Let's look at the 3 loyalty club pages.

1.) Club Sales Page

club sales page

2.) Club Signup / Login Page

club signup page

3.) Club "Choose Membership Page"


This is what we do.

We make sure our clients’ vision comes to life. 

And ensure that they are able to provide an improved customer shopping experience on their Shopify store.

If you are looking to implement this yourself, you can utilize Shopify subscriptions to charge your fans and use an app like Lockmith to lock pages and provide your fans exclusive access.

But if you are looking to provide a more refined experience to your customers on your Shopify store, feel free to get in touch and we will build the solution for you.