Real reviews from our customers

Sagar has been a great ongoing support to me and my Shopify store. I highly recommend him and will continue to work with him in the future.

Jodie Minto

Sagar is an absolute joy to work with. He is fast, efficient, and has a solution for every problem. We highly recommend him and the shop tweaks team for all of your Shopify needs.

Alex Grendi

We have been working with Shop Tweaks + Sagar for almost a year now, and are so pleased with his work. Whether it's a project that requires 20 dev hours or 2, Sagar has always given us fair pricing and always meets our deadlines. He's also super responsive and always gets back to us within 24 hours, which is very hard to find when outsourcing your dev work. If you're looking for a new Shopify developer to tweak your store, I highly recommend Shop Tweaks + Sagar!

Rachel Bucolo

We (Travelbay) are extremely happy with the services of Sagar. He always does an absolutely wonderful job, is very quick and responsive, excellent value and a great communicator. Sagar certainly knows his way around Shopify and often we ask for what we thought were quite complex things and he is able to do them quickly, efficiently and exactly as we want - even making better suggestions at times. We highly recommend Sagar and thank him for all the support and service he has provided to us and continues to do so on a regular basis.

Nicola Lessing

Sagar worked on updating & tweaking our Shopify store last year. He is professional, responsive, fast and understands Shopify very well. We enjoyed working with him throughout.

Julia Olson

Best i have dealt with in a very long time. Pays attention to details and highly recommended!!

Daniel Bendjouia

Sagar has an excellent knowledge of Shopify. I found him to be polite and friendly and happy to answer any questions about things I did not understand. He works to a high standard and produces quality work quickly. I will be changing updating my website very soon and without doubt will be using Sagar to help me with any work I may need.

Denise Wright

Sagar was such an amazing help. He asked detailed questions to make sure he was delivering exactly what I wanted. He was very timely and turned around some Shopify theme tweaks for me in a few hours! Thank you, Sagar!

Genevieve Tuenge

Did exactly what I wanted and did it in a timely manner. I would highly recommend.

David Belser

Sagar was tremendously helpful, and he went above and beyond to help create exactly what we were looking for. He responded to every email and tiny question promptly, and always had a solution. He was great to work with!

Nicollette Bell

Sagar is very knowledgeable about shopify functions, and I appreciated his strategic inputs in setting up my Shopify website. He is also very detailed in resolving the web design glitches. I would love to work with him again. I highly recommend him for shopify setup.

Joy Wang

Sagar is very talented. Took my needs and met them. Very quickly as well. Excited to work on future projects together.

Mark Butterworth

Excellent work, efficient and understands the brief clearly. I'll always use Sagar's help for my custom Shopify edits and adding sections to my website. His work is tremendous!

Ella Mason

This is the first time I have worked with Sagar and I am 100% satisfied with the tweaks he did. His communication skills are excellent, and he has an outstanding knowledge of Shopify. Will work with him again!

Daniel Haigh

Sagar is very competent and a truly expert of Shopify (which I needed for the project)! Response was fast and communication effective. We have a very good working relationship and I can recommend him 100%. I will try to work with him together on Shopify projects in the future. Thanks for the collaboration!


I am very happy with the job Sagar did, communication was fantastic and he listened to all my ideas and thoughts on this project. He made my website very easy to use and took my ideas and made them clear and concise. Highly recommend for any beginner or entrepreneur looking to start a company.

Jackie Carmichael

I am very pleased with Sagar and his work. His experience and knowledge about ecommerce and the Shopify platform has been extremely valuable. He provided the skills and knowledge I lack to help me achieve my goals. I definitely recommend Sagar and will work with him again.

Oscar Carlborg

I was very impressed with the quality of work from Sagar and will definitely hire him again for updating our Shopify website.

Glen Burchers

Sagar is professional, easy to work with and always delivers on time. He is my go to developer for updating & tweaking my Shopify website.

Shaanon Lindauer

Sagar did an excellent job on this project. He was patient with the client, and I will hire him again for future Shopify tweaks & website designs. If you need a reliable person to template match your Shopify website template based on your design, he is your guy!


Very responsive, quality work and reasonably priced. Great to work with, would definitely hire him again.

Kristy McCarley

This is my 2nd time working with Sagar and it won't be my last. I wish more Shopify Experts were as good and quick as him. He's good at what he does, he communicates very well, and he always puts in 100%.

Sandy Metivier

Sagar has helped me on a number of projects now and am extremely pleased with his work! He has quick turn around, reasonable prices and always does what I ask. Thanks for the hard, amazing work, Sagar!

Sparkwild Media

Very quick to respond and implement changes to our Shopify website. Easy to work with and overall have had a great experience working with them :)

Lauren Bliss

I really enjoy working with Sagar. He is always on point in creating / editing my Shopify web pages. We have a complicated site with different mobile and desktop versions. He executes the plan from my design team flawlessly which makes for more conversions via my site. He also integrated instagram and other feeds, google analytics, etc. I've been using his services for about 4 years and there is no need for me to look elsewhere as his prices are very reasonable; all in all a good value!

Lawrence Laby

I received a quick reply, quote, and an even quicker turnaround time. I definitely recommend Sagar for any of your Shopify tweaks or needs.

Pennelope Jackson

Rapid response, fast service, helpful tips! Will use Sagar's help on tweaking our Shopify store again and again! Very versatile!

Ann Weir

These guys do amazing work! Delivered everything I asked for, and they are definitely Shopify experts! I will be using their services for all of my future tweaks to our Shopify store!

Jermaine Hester

Sagar has done a good job and I really appreciate his work. After finishing the tweaks on my Shopify store, he gave me an in-depth walk through the platform and to get familiar with my new website. I do recommend him for any one who's looking for some expert Shopify advice and your theme tweaks.

Premkumar Meesala

Sagar has been great to work with. He's very responsive and fast, and his work has enhanced my online store.

Jon Siebrecht

Sagar's work was awesome! My tweaks were done quickly and perfectly! Will be sure to use his help again for more theme tweaks for my Shopify store.

Lily Perry

Sagar did an amazing job at tweaking the two Shopify stores I manage. He responded quickly to my queries and perfectly executed the tweaks. Highly recommended!

John Santo

Sagar helped me in adding a font to my Shopify store in less than 24 hours! And he did it perfectly! Highly recommended for quality work.

Anas Oraini

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Sagar recommended a solution that was easy enough to make changes ourselves in the backend. We are very happy to get the functionality build of changing the font color on collection images as we like. The job was done with quick communication and we are very happy with ShopTweaks team.

Jackie Piper

I was sitting on my basic 'web site' for couple months. There was no way I could open it for business. Finally giving in, chose Shop Tweaks to seek their expertise. All of a sudden in under a week, I am ready to launch!

Sagar at Shop Tweaks offered right critic of my 'basic' work, based on his experience but also suggested alternatives. He was quick in setting up my Shopify store and also has been mindful of our time frame. Excellent job. Big Thank You.

Ramchandra Hegde

I contacted Sagar to setup my Shopify store and he did everything that I asked and very fast! He was also very helpful in making tweaks that I asked for and made sure the store looks amazing. I will definitely be contacting him for the future.

Sovonna Lewis

If you want help with Shopify Theme Tweaks, I would highly recommend Sagar. He is very professional and you can trust him with suggesting the right solution for your Shopify site. He will help you in every way you need help in the quickest way possible.

Larry Albritton

Sagar communicates clearly, performs the tweaks and changes quickly and effortlessly. He does a great job letting me know the steps he's taken, so I have a 'changelog' that I can refer back to as I analyze which tweaks impact my business the most. I really look forward to the next project with Sagar.

Peter Davis

Clear communication, flexible, and timely. Would enjoy working again. Thanks!

Tom Schuman

Sagar was super responsive and helpful! I was tempted to try to make the tweak myself on my Shopify store, but this was a wiser, quicker and more cost effective option. Thank you!

Elizabeth Daniels

I ordered a few tweaks to integrate custom fonts on my store and optimize the images displayed on mobile. Sagar helped me with my Shopify tweaks quickly and affordably. I would definitely recommend him.

Laura Brady

It was very hard for me to find someone to make small changes to my site, everyone had gigantic minimums and Shopify Tweaks service is so reasonably priced. I ended up using the service for many tweaks, and he did them so fast... and most importantly, correctly!!


Chelsea Moylan

I hired Sagar to implement product carousel function that would only activate on mobile. And he did exactly what I wanted and it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. The tweaks for the functionality were completed in a very timely manner. Thanks Sagar!

Bryan Tietz

If you want help with tweaking your Shopify store to look exactly like your design, I would highly recommend Sagar and his team.

David Tholen

I had such a great experience working with Sagar. He was so responsive and the work was always finished very promptly at an affordable price. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to Shopify, and as a new Shopify user, to be working with someone like Sagar and his experience, it made the whole process much easier. I would highly recommend Sagar for any project!

Sianna Stewart

Sagar helped me achieve all my requests, and offered insights into the things that were not possible. Will definitely hire the Shop Tweaks team again to work on my Shopify Store!

Sara Lamond

Sagar was very helpful in adding a purchased font as well as troubleshooting. He was quick to respond and was just want I needed. Thank you!!

Josie Jones

Sagar helped me with tweaking Pipeline theme as I wanted a new  design of my Shopify store. He was quick and did exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

Mona Sultan

It was a very smooth and easy experience! Every request was fulfilled. Delivery was on time, in full. I really appreciated the attention to detail & Sagar's commitment to building a high-quality Shopify site. Highly recommended!!

Megan Daily

Sagar is amazing. Thorough, fast, gets it done right the first time, and reasonable on his prices. I highly recommend ShopTweaks for tweaking your Shopify store.

Steven Kadlec

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Kathryn Fletcher

Sagar was prompt and efficient in tweaking my Shopify store exactly the way I requested. He delivered great results and I am happy to recommend him and ShopTweaks team for any tweaks you need.

Elle McPherson

Sagar was absolutely awesome to work with! He was responsive and clear in his instructions and work. We needed some extra banners and graphic boxes on our website because our original designer was no longer supporting his shopify theme. We are thrilled with Sagar's service and will definitely use Shopify Theme Tweaks service again when needed. Can't say enough about how great our experience was with him.

Jan Grimm

I just started my Shopify store, so I was doing a lot of things to try to get my business ready to go. The last thing I had time for was the website and figuring out how to change things on it. I’m so grateful to have found Sagar to help me with my new Shopify store setup. He was so kind and always gave me great advice about my site. If I ever need anything else, he will definitely be the first person I contact!

Jillian Philips

Sagar was excellent to work with. Provided all of the tweaks we asked for, and finished them in a timely. I will definitely use Shop Tweaks again for any other changes we need to make to our website.

Brendan Kutcher

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shop Tweaks. Sagar was very attentive to my needs and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Shop Tweaks to anyone seeking to tweak their Shopify store.

Symone Dawkins

Sagar followed my direction and executed the job flawlessly. I would hire him again on on-going projects for my Shopify store Pinch of Colour. Thanks so much for the service and your work. Highly recommended!

Linda Treska

I just love my Shopify Store now! Sagar helped me tweak my site exactly the way I wanted it to be. He added new functionalities that I asked for and sent me instructions on how to use them using Theme Editor, which were very easy to follow. I'll be contacting Shop Tweaks again to make changes to my Shopify store in the future. Thank you!

Laura Wood

I got in touch with Sagar to add the new dynamic checkout button functionality to my site. He completed the tweak to my Shopify store quickly and to my satisfaction. I will definitely use Shop Tweaks the next time I require design changes to my site.

Joan Stalker

Sagar Dhawan is very professional in responding to business needs without delay, great communication and highly efficient in his work/recommendations. 

In short, polite, fast and fabulous! 

Highly recommend his service(s) and recommendations, and very pleased with my website tweaks by Sagar.  Will be working with him again in the future.

Monica Thompson

Sagar was very helpful and speedy when he created my Shopify site. He gave me clear instructions and a walkthrough so that I can change text and images myself. I would happily recommend him to my family and friends.

Catherine Ellwood

No one else was able to help me modify the template to do what I needed, but Sagar figured it out. He's now my go to for code writing and advice. Thanks Sagar!

Andrew Reil