Shopify Plus: IVL Collective (Custom Blog + Product Page)

I’ve been working with Onia for the last 7 years. I received this message in my inbox:

We have acquired a third brand under Onia LLC: IVL Collective!

As we take over their ecommerce business, similar to our recent project with WWW, we want to do a site redesign for IVL.

Like many Shopify store owners, they were concerned about one thing.

Would the changes negatively affect site speed and UX? The majority of their shoppers shop on mobile, so what can we do to ensure the site is optimized for mobile 100%?

Many Shopify store owners want to do a complete redesign but don’t want the changes to negatively impact the sales.

I get it.

And this fear is legitimate.

No one wants to lose customers or sales.

Site speed and good UX is directly connected to how many sales you’ll get.

So, what can we do to ensure the website loads super fast and is easy to browse and buy? 

We start with choosing a theme.

Not any theme that looks good. But one that performs great for site speed and is optimized for mobile.

I recommended the same theme they were using for the other 2 brands. And for 2 reasons:

  1. The theme has great features and loads quite fast.
  2. Since their staff already knows the theme, they can utlilize it much better than learning a new one.

Plus making changes across the stores becomes easy for me, requiring less tweaks, which ultimately benefits them on an ongoing basis.

Faster tweaks and quicker turnaround time.

Let’s talk about the design and functionalities.

  • Custom blog page so the posts can be categorized
  • Product page according to the mockup (figma files)
  • Features on collection page that improves customer experience

In addition to this, lots of small tweaks were implemented that IVL Collective required for brand aesthetics and better customer experience.

Here are some of the designs:

1.) Custom Blog Page

2.) Custom Collection Page

3.) Custom Sections for Homepage

Once the project was completed, I received another email from them.

Sagar, this is amazing. We LOVE it!

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