Shopify Plus: Onia's New Redesign

Ding! There’s my email notification.

<The email said…We are looking to do a full site refresh for and I'd like to request a rough estimate and timeline.>

But I had only 6 weeks before I was going to travel in America with my wife.

6 weeks for an 8-10 week project? 

Could I do it?

Time was short and I had to make some arrangements quickly to get this project completed on time.

This is a priority for me.

To deliver projects before time. I have been doing this for the past 12 years and have never failed to do so.


So, I came up with a strategy to prioritize the complex functionalities and leave the basic ones for last.

Which ones were the complex ones?

Here they are:

  • Custom search functionality for men and women
  • Custom filters for men and women
  • Featured image banners in between the products on collection page (editorial type design)
  • Blocks on homepage sections to be super customizable

I prioritized these tasks to be completed in 4 weeks (normally would have taken 6 weeks).

Did I have to put in extra hours?


Was I productive when there was a short (self imposed) deadline to be achieved?


The goal was clear. To provide Onia with the update they would absolutely love and at the same time, allow them to manage their Shopify store easily.

With two more weeks remaining, I dedicated my time to churning out the smaller tasks and testing the website on both desktop and mobile.

I can’t stress enough the importance of testing the website on both desktop and mobile before pushing it live.

Remember, an update for a full redesign of your Shopify store is for improving customer shopping experience. Not for customers to experience issues when shopping on your online store.

Here are some of the designs:

1.) Custom Collection Page

Onia Collection

2.) Custom Navigation

3.) Custom Product Page

Onia Product Page

4.) Custom Collection Filters

Once the project was completed, I received another email from them.

Sagar, this is amazing. We LOVE it!

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