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Starting an online store can be overwhelming!

There are a LOT of factors you need to consider when building a store. How to setup tax rates, shipping, proper page structure, theme installations, payment checkout pages and more!

We can have everything setup and running for you so you don't have to stress about it. We have experience building online stores, as well running our own online business. We know what your store needs to get started in the right direction!

  • Setup Shopify Account as a development project so no monthly fees are incurred until launch.
  • Theme research/selection based on your examples and needs. (premium themes not included in price)
  • Theme installation
  • Addition of banner images (Images needs to be provided)
  • Setup store navigation menus. Header and footer, plus potential drop-downs
  • Setup 5-6 store collections.. example: Dresses, Sweaters, Shoes, Coats etc.
  • Setup store pages.. example: About us, Return Policy & Shipping. (Info needs to be provided)
  • Setup contact input form on contact page.
  • Create optional blog and addition of 1 example for reference to add future posts.
  • Site-wide implementation of logo (you'll have to provide logo).
  • Modify theme colors and existing fonts to fit your design idea.
  • Integrate social media links.
  • Setup shipping for resident country and rest of the world.
  • Install Google Analytics tracking if provided.
  • Setup existing domain within Shopify.
  • Create 3 example products in your store for your to use as a guideline.


Do I already have to have an account setup with Shopify?

No, you don’t need to have an account setup. We will setup an account for you so that there’s no trial period. You’ll only start paying for your account when you launch your store.

What you need from me in order to setup the Shopify store?

We need some basic info regarding your business. Eg: Logo, About Us text and images, homepage text and images, 3 products info and details, 5 collections you want to create.


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