Tweaking Kagami Theme for Stanley Work Wear Shopify Store

Kagami theme is a premium Shopify theme optimized for speed, easy to modify and provides great features to make your site look beautiful.

Stanley work wear is a work man’s clothing brand.


Tweak Kagami Shopify Theme to match the design specifications and functionality. Specifications involves creating a custom mega menu, modifying size variants, adding swatches, addition of filters, custom cart page options for products and many more small tweaks.

Which service they chose

We suggested them to choose our Shopify Theme Tweaks service to help them tweak Kagami Shopify Theme entirely to match their design specifications.

Functionalities created and completed

1.) Custom Mega Menu

Mega MenuSince the Kagami Shopify Theme doesn’t support the mega menu functionality, it was created from scratch keeping in mind only the products dropdown will have the mega menu structure but rest of the main menu items will be just links.

So, when the mega menu function is applied to a main menu item, the mega menu will be active for that particular menu item only. Mega menu on your Shopify store helps you showcase collections or products with images to your website visitors. The mega menu has a list of 5 collections with images to make it easy for the visitors to select the collection they want to visit.

2.) Custom Product Page for sizing

Custom Size optionsAs you can see the size variants are divided into Regular, Big, Tall and Big & Tall size modifiers. To achieve this, first the swatch functionality was implemented.

Now, to categorize the sizes into different modifiers, instead of adding different sizes as variant options, we added some custom code to divide the single size option into different size modifiers.

This made sure that we didn't have to create multiple variant options and the way the size modifiers are displayed, it makes it easy for the customers to select the size, choose color and add the product to the cart.

3.) Filters

FiltersWe implemented filters on the left sidebar on the collection pages. Filters are great at helping people narrow down the products they are looking to buy.

If you are looking to implement filters on your site, I would suggest using Power Tools app. For Stanley work wear website, since there are many filters, the existing filters functionality was modified to show only a few filters and hide the rest. More filters show when you click "More".

4.) Cart Page Modifications

With the modifications to the size variant option, the cart page items were modified to display certain details like Size Modifier, Color, Size, Waist, Inseam. So, the modifications were made to display the line items for each product depending upon the options available.

In addition to these big functionalities, limespot recommendations app was added to display custom related products and recently viewed products.


The homepage, collections page, product and cart page tweaks were completed according to the requirements and tested extensively for any design or mobile issues.


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