Shopify Mega Menu and Header Case Study

Shopify Mega Menu and Header Case Study

B2Bwraps sells wholesale packaging to small and mid-sized businesses, offering retail packaging, gift boxes, cakes, cupcakes and bakery packaging boxes and more.


Modifying header and turning basic menu into Shopify mega menu function to improve user experience.

Which service they chose

We suggested B2BWraps to choose our Shopify Theme Tweaks service where the tweaks were made to the existing header and menu to make it easy for their visitors to find the products they want to buy. The new header is geared towards providing the visitors with clear info on customer service and the mega menu is created in a way that displays all the collections in a dropdown smaller the height of the previous dropdown that was extending out of the screen area. The menu dropdown also displays "featured products".

How the work was carried out

We first tweaked the header so that the customer service is displayed separately from the logo and moved the logo below the customer service section. Then, the mega menu function was created to display the sub menu items in multiple columns instead of 1 column that was extending out of the screen area. In addition to this, two columns of featured products were created as well that randomly selects the products from the parent menu item and display them under featured products.


The new header and Shopify mega menu was implemented within the timeline of 8 days and once they went live with the new design, it improved the customer experience and helped increased the conversion rate by at least 50%. We are a trusted parter of B2BWraps and have been working with them for over 2 years now making tweaks consistently that would improve their visitors' shopping experience on the website.


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