Shopify Store Setup using Premium Theme Icon

Brunch Babe - Shop Setup

Shop Brunch Babe is an online women’s clothing brand launched in June 2017.


Setting up the store on Shopify using Premium Theme Icon.

Which service they chose

We suggested Nicole from Brunch Babe to choose our Shopify Store Setup service.

How the work was carried out

For any Shopify store setup requests for our clients', we have a very clear process of getting design assets and site copy in order to get started, complete the setup process and launch the store. We requested Nicole from Brunch Babe to send us design assets mentioning the exact image dimensions and copy that was required to match the Icon theme modules. We even helped in cropping the banner images according to their requirements.


The store was setup within a week for them to launch and start selling their products. Here's what Nicole had to say about us - "Sagar was tremendously helpful, and he went above and beyond to help create exactly what we were looking for. He responded to every email and tiny question promptly, and always had a solution. He was great to work with!" I am sure we'll continue to work with Brunch Babe for any theme tweaks requirements they will have in the future.


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