Image Collage/Mosaic Section

Main Section Settings

Section Title

Add title to the section (optional)

Block Height

Specify height of the blocks. Mosaic blocks are adjusted to twice the height automatically.

Lazyload Images

If your theme already uses lazyload functionality, keep this "disabled". If the images appear blurred, set this option to "Active". 

Border Radius (Images & Buttons)

Display curved edges of block images & link buttons

Header Font Size

Specify header font size displayed over images for both desktop and mobile

Text Font Size

Specify text font size displayed over images for both desktop and mobile

Specific block settings


Add image to the block

Image Position

Specify which area of the image you would like to display in the blocks.


Add heading to the block (optional)


Add title to the block (optional)

Text Color

Assign color of the text (Heading & Text above)

Button Text/Link

Add button text and link to the block (optional)

Button Color/Button Text Color

Assign color of the button and text (optional)

Make Image Clickable

If you are want to make the whole image clickable and not just button, select this option. Also, add button link which will be used as a link for the image

Image Overlay Opacity/Overlay Color

Assign overlay opacity if you want text to be more readable. You can choose the color for the overlay

Text Align

Align text (heading + text + button) to the left, center and right

Vertical Text Align

Align text (heading + text + button) top, middle or bottom

Horizontal Text Align + Content Width

This setting only applies for single full width image providing you the ability to position text to up to 9 position on the image.

Image Blocks

Add up to 5 blocks of images with different displays styles (Full Width, Multi Column Images, Collage/Mosiac Styles with 3 or 5 images)

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