Tips from the founder of a 7 figure fashion brand - Jodie Minto

On this episode of Tweaking Tips for Shopify, Jodie Minto provides valuable tips to build your Shopify store.

Some of the topics we discussed in the podcast:

1.) Before we get into the tips and strategies on how people can grow their online stores, can you share how you got started with ilandco and how you transitioned to helping other shopify business owners improve their own shopify stores?

2.) Do you have a template or a blueprint that you use and apply to all the ecommerce businesses you help? What your approach? Is it something individually tailored to each client?

3.) What are some of the key things you notice on a website and want to tweak so it enhances the customer shopping experience and increase sales?

5.) What’s one thing you’ve used or implemented on a Shopify store that has dramatically increased sales or improved the customer shopping experience?

7.) What’s one thing that you thought was important but actually didn’t help much in improving the sales or customer experience?

8.) If someone has just started selling products on their website what, according to you, are some of the things they should focus on?

9.) What’s one metric you focus on when you review the analytics dashboard on Shopify?

Jodie Minto is an award-winning e-commerce mentor, founder of a seven-figure fashion brand, podcast host, and speaker based on Australia's Central Coast of NSW. Jodie is also a certified Digital Marketer, Meta Ads Specialist and Life Coach.

Jodie started her online fashion store from scratch while working full-time, juggling young kids, and living in the Middle East. Today, that business, iland co., is a seven-figure online brand with stockists and customers worldwide. Jodie sold that business in 2023 and now supports other women in growing their e-commerce businesses through her coaching programs.

Jodie also hosts the popular e-commerce podcast Online Store Success, which reached number 2 in marketing podcasts in Australia for two weeks straight and frequently sits in the top 30 in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.