How adding a review snippet can convince your customers to buy?

Imagine that you are shopping and are looking at some items you may want to buy. You then see a review snippet of someone’s experience using that product and how it works for them.

It starts making sense in your head.

Instantly, you start getting ideas on how you can use it for yourself.

That moment right there becomes the trigger point that makes you say “You know what, I need this and am going to buy this right now”.

This little review snippet on the product page does exactly the same thing. It tells your customers the benefit this product would bring as mentioned by an existing customer.

Review Blob

Making it easy for your customers to decide that this product is RIGHT for them can result in better sales and happy customers.

Speaking of an easy fix, I do have to scroll down and spot the “Add to Cart” button among the boxes that look like buttons. 

Re-organising the layout can improve the customer’s experience on your website even better.

From the existing layout to “clarity between the blocks”.

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And not to forget that this dress has 143 reviews, all 5 stars. But when clicked, it scrolls down to display almost 6000 reviews you have across all your products.

It does look a little suspicious but can be easily fixed by changing the review section that’s displayed on this product template using the app sections.

Hope these tweaking tips were helpful.

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