How a collab with influencers can instantly boost your sales - Rachel Bucolo

Rachel is a former E-Commerce + Marketing Director at Onia and WeWoreWhat (5 years, 55+ campaigns / collection launches). She led a team of 7 people; responsible for all in-house + paid marketing initiatives, growth strategy, e-commerce operations, customer service, photo + video production, styling, web design + development and third-party vendor management.

Welcome to Episode 3 of Tweaking Tips for Shopify.

Here's what we discuss in the podcast:

1.) Introduction

2.) Rachel's Shopify experience and projects she's working on at the moment

3.) Rachel's role at Onia and WeWoreWhat

4.) How do you approach a project, make changes on Shopify store

5.) How to increase your sales on Shopify

6.) One thing that actually didn’t help much in improving the sales

7.) Working on Allyoos Shopify store

8.) Things to focus on for a Shopify newbie

9.) Metric to focus on when you review analytics dashboard on Shopify

10.) Finding the right Shopify expert