Finding wholesale customers and right partners to manufacture your products with Jackie Piper, British Colour Standard

On this episode of Tweaking Tips for Shopify, Jackie Piper from British Colour Standard joins to talk about how to find wholesale customers, market your products in 3 markets - US, UK and EU.

Here are some of the things we've discussed in this video:

1.) Before we get into the tips and strategies on how people can grow their online stores, tell us about what stores you run and which markets do you target at the moment?

2.) How challenging is to serve different markets?

3.) How do you market your products and find wholesale customers?

4.) How to get the most out of trade shows?

4.) How do you find the right partner to manufacture your products?

5.) What’s one thing you’ve used or implemented on a Shopify store that has dramatically increased sales or improved the customer shopping experience?

6.) What’s one thing that you thought was important but actually didn’t help much in improving the sales or customer experience?

7.) If someone has just started selling products on their website, what according to you are some of the things they should focus on?

8.) What’s one metric you focus on when you review the analytics dashboard on Shopify?

9.) Any other piece of advice you would like to share that you think would benefit other shopify businesses.