Reducing white space + adding CTA button - Ferne Boutique

Imagine someone looking at your store front boutique and all they see is a plain white wall with products not visible at a first glance. 

It would be strange, right?

That’s exactly what happens when you land on the New Arrivals collection page or any other collection page.

You don’t see any products unless you scroll down.

Tweaking from the current design to “making some products visible”.

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As you scroll down, a quarter of the screen is taken over by the header.

Tweaking the header from the current design to a “sleek header” that takes less space on the screen.

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The purpose of getting people on your website is you want them to buy your products.

Which means….You want them to take action.

Therefore, leading people from one page to another so you can direct the browsers to become buyers is the main goal.

With that, every banner or video should lead them to the next page using the “Call to Action” button.

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The hero video is missing a call to action button/link so people can take the action you want them to take.

When this happens, you get sales and more customers.

Hope these tweaking tips were helpful.

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