Acquiring, Rebranding and Running an Ecommerce Business with Nannan from ilandco.

Nannan acquired ilandco in January 2023 and has been running the ilandco. online store successfully since then.

Welcome to Episode 5 of Tweaking Tips for Shopify.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Decision to buy ilandco. brand
01:35 Where to find businesses that are for sale?
02:25 Journey since acquiring the business
05:00 Selling online
06:20 Can an ecommerce coach help?
09:27 How to work with suppliers?
13:46 Rebranding shopify store
16:50 Inventory decisions
17:52 Primary source of customers
20:45 Influencer marketing
23:30 How to increase sales
25:20 Focus on products
26:50 Learning meta ads
27:40 Analytics
30:50 Last piece of advice

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