Using Shopify's inbuilt login function to gate Wholesale Shopify store, minimum order value and accepting other currencies

We helped Designed in Colour Wholesale store implement multiple functionalities on their Shopify store.

DIC login

Since all the pages of the website had to be gated, the functionality was created using the existing login code but modified to have the ability to login, create an account and forgot password function on the same page using javascript.

We also helped them implement the function to disable checkout button until the minimum orders value is reached across multiple currencies. The ability to accept multiple currencies was added using Bold Cashier app.

dic wholesale

The Process

The first step was to identify how login function would work and since all the pages had to be gated, the function was implemented in the theme's liquid file. Once the login system was created, another gate was added that would only allow customer accounts tagged with 'Wholesale' to view the store. This was added so that it's easy for people to create an account using the link on the gated page but not allow everyone who creates an account to view the store until their account is approved.

The next step was to integrate multi-currency app and bold cashier app to enable currency convertor and accept payments in multiple currencies.

The last step was to implement custom code that would hide/disable checkout button until the minimum order value has reached across USD, EUR and GBP currencies.


The custom login gate, minimum order value and multi currency checkout was implemented within 10 working days. The functionalities were tested extensively for any design or mobile issues.

Here's what they had to say

"Sagar was great at updating us about the project and any potential issues. He got the job done quickly and did exactly what we wanted to implement on our wholesale Shopify store. Highly recommended!"