Tweaking Header, Adding Tab Function on Product Page & More

Header Tweaks


Product Page Tweaks

ALEROJASMINE, explore pieces inspired by travels, African heritage, intricate patterns and unusual textures.


Tweak Header to align social media icons, integrate currency convertor app, wishlist app, adding tab function and display inventory on product page. Plus adding custom product recommendations using an app.

Which service they chose

We suggested Alerojasmine to choose our Shopify Theme Tweaks service to help them tweak the header, product page and integrate apps for wishlist, currency converter and related products recommendations functionality.

How the work was carried out

We divided the work into two parts. For header, the currency converter app and wishlist app were integrated. After that, these elements were placed in the header along with fixing the alignment of social media icons. For product page, the tab functionality was added to include "Description" and "Shipping Details". After adding the tab function, product recommendations app was integrated and the code was added to display inventory quantity when the quantity is less than 3 to create "fear of missing out" on the product pieces.


The header and product page tweaks were completed in just 4 days and tested extensively on mobile for any responsive design issues.


Want to tweak header, add tab function, display inventory quantity or integrate any apps on your Shopify store? Get in touch with us using our contact form and we will get back to you within 12 hours.