Shopify Sitemap Page for Easy Access

Shopify Sitemap

Our long term client asked us to create a sitemap page so that the visitors on the site can easily access all the important links on the site.


Create a sitemap page that allows them to add/remove links easily.

Which service they chose

We suggested them to choose our Shopify Sections service to create a sitemap page.

How the work was carried out

The ability to add and remove links was added using the new Shopify sections functionality. Since Shopify only allows to use static sections on pages other than homepage, multiple sections were created to add links under different categories such as Info, Blogs, Insurance, Policies etc. Within each category, sections enables the clients' to add or remove fairly easily without having to contact us.


The team at Travelbay was very happy with the functionality and for the fact that they can add or remove links themselves very easily. We are a trusted partner for Travelbay and have implemented many theme tweaks and creating landing pages for their store.


Want to create a sitemap page for your Shopify store or need help with tweaking the theme? Get in touch with us using our contact form and we will get back to you within 12 hours.