Landing Page using Shopify Sections Case Study

Nugg Beauty Landing Page Case Study

Nugg Beauty provides top quality skin treatments with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients


A landing page where they can showcase monthly face mask subscription boxes.

Which service they chose

We suggested Nugg Beauty to choose our landing pages service where each section of the landing page was created using Shopify’s sections feature. This gives them an opportunity to make changes to the images and text whenever they want to update the landing page. The sections features also lets them re-order the sections easily through the theme settings page without contacting us all the time.

How the work was carried out

We divided the landing page into 4 sections: Hero/Slider Image Section, How it works section, Product Display Section and Testimonials section. Then each section was created in the backend and all the sections were loaded with images and text according to the design requirements.


The landing page was ready within the timeline of 7 days and they went live with the page to start accepting their subscription orders. Having worked with us for over a year now, we are a trusted parter of Nugg Beauty when it comes to making theme tweaks or creating landing pages on their website.


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