Making Upsells, Recurring purchases work together, removing cart page and tracking data

We helped Au Bon Broth with tweaking their Shopify store to improve conversions.

AU Checkout

There were 3 checkouts working on the store (Checkout provided by Shopify, checkout provided by Recharge app for recurring orders and checkout provided by Zipify Upsell app). And based on different products, the customers were being directed to different checkouts thereby making the whole process complex.


Direct customers directly to Zipify Upsell checkout right from the product page and remove the complexity of multiple checkouts and track data.

The Process

The first step was to enable integration between Zipify and Recharge app so that recurring orders and one time orders are directed towards Zipify Upsell app checkout and the orders data can be tracked easily.

Then the second step was to remove the cart page and redirect people directly to the checkout page from product page. The button was also changed from “Add to Cart” to “Checkout” and visitors were directed.

In addition to this, we also helped them with various tweaks to improve user experience on the site to improve conversions. If you need help with improving conversions on your site, check out Storexaminer.


The checkout process was simplified to 1 checkout and visitors were directed to this checkout page right from the product page, thereby reducing complexity making room for improved conversions. It was also tested extensively for any design or mobile issues.

Here's what they had to say

Amazing work on our Shopify store

"Sagar is amazing. Thorough, fast, gets it done right the first time, and reasonable on his prices. I highly recommend ShopTweaks for tweaking your Shopify store."