Landing Page to collect email addresses

Landing Page to collect email addresses

Alpha Club provides supplements to address sleep, muscle support, mental focus and enhanced desire.


Creating a landing page to collect email addresses.

Which service they chose

We suggested them to choose our Shopify Sections service.

How the work was carried out

Since the landing page required 6 sections, so they can be easily edited, we created 6 static sections. Note: Shopify only allows for dynamic sections on the homepage. For other pages, static sections should be added which cannot be re-ordered from the sections area in the editor. Once 6 sections were created, we made sure that they are optimized for mobile devices as well. Sometimes sections can have a complex functionality and you noticed in the first section, there's a functionality to ask email addresses. This usually requires additional tweaks to make it work.


The project took 7 business days to complete and launch to start collecting email addresses. We have also worked on tweaking the website many times and always delivered the projects within the timeframe mentioned.


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