Custom Font Integration + Change Image on Hover Function

Tweaks for Anomie

Anomie sells clothing, jewelry piece, or accessories online.


Adding custom fonts and changing product image on hover.

Which service they chose

We suggested Chelsea from Anomie to choose our Shopify Theme Tweaks service.

How the work was carried out

We integrated the custom fonts files by uploading them onto the assets folder and then calling them in the main spreadsheet file. Plus, the fonts were made available to be applied through the theme editor.

For changing image on hover on collection pages, we added the code so that the second image of the product shows up when the mouse is hovered upon the featured images on collection page.


The fonts integration and hover over image function took only 1 business day to complete. "Great, thank you!! They worked :)" Chelsea replied. We will surely help them again if they require any tweaks in the future as we are all about partnering up with Shopify store owners so that they don't have to worry about making the tweaks and just focus on growing their business.


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